WAIF Animal Shelter & Cat Adoption Centers

WAIF Main Facility (in Coupeville)
Ellery Cramer Family Animal Shelter
60 Rhododendron Park Road

Map to Coupeville Shelter

Hours of Operation: We are open to the public Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 4:00 pm. Our telephone number is (360) 678-8900 ext. 1100. If you live on the south end of the island you can call us toll-free at (360) 321-WAIF (9243) ext. 1100. The shelter is staffed 7 days a week for emergencies. The shelter features four cat community rooms, three cat kennel rooms, an area for cat isolation and observation, two cat meet-and-greet rooms, and a kitten room. Our dog areas feature a small breed and puppy room, along with a dog isolation and observation area, grooming room, and two dog wings for a maximum capacity of 48. The shelter also features six acres of dog walking trails, fenced play areas, two dog meet-and-greet rooms, and a large enclosed exercise play yard.

WAIF Cat Adoption Centers

Hours of Operation: We are open to the public for adoptions and viewing Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 4:00 pm. WAIF currently has two off-site cat adoption centers. Each center offers spacious cages with fun entertainment for our feline friends while they await their new homes. The decor is sure to please our cat loving customers. Please stop by and say hello. Who knows? Maybe you will find that new family member you have been waiting for.

Oak Harbor Cat Adoption Center
50 Midway Blvd. Phone: (360) 678-8900 ext. 1300

Map to the Oak Harbor Cat Adoption Center

Freeland Cat Cottage
1801 B. Scott Rd. Phone: (360) 678-8900 ext. 1700 or (360) 321-WAIF (9243) ext. 1700

Map to the Freeland Cat Cottage

City of Oak Harbor Animal Holding Facility
2725 NE Goldie Rd Phone: (360) 279-0829 or (360) 678-8900 ext. 1500.

Map to City of Oak Harbor Animal Holding Facility

This facility will house only stray dogs and cats. If dogs or cats are not claimed by the end of six days, dogs will become available for adoption at the Coupeville facility. Cats available for adoption will be relocated to the Cat Adoption Center in Oak Harbor. If you are within the city limits of Oak Harbor and have lost your dog or cat, please visit WAIF’s facility in Coupeville or view the City of Oak Harbor’s Stray Page on Facebook. Hours of operation for the holding facility 9am-4pm daily.