WAIF 2015 Statistics

We’re happy to share with you our 2015 statistics for our sheltering services. These numbers include both the City of Oak Harbor Animal Holding Facility and our main shelter in Coupeville, along with the Oak Harbor Cat Adoption Center and Freeland Cat Cottage.

2015 Overall Live Release Rate = 95.5%



Total intake of dogs and cats continue a six year decline trend. There are always some animals that remain in shelter at end of the year (no outcome for them yet), representing the majority of the gap between Intake and Live Outcomes.

Total Intake for 2015: 737 dogs and cats

Dogs = 386 (unduplicated count from Oak Harbor and Coupeville shelters)

Cats = 351 (unduplicated count from Oak Harbor and Coupeville shelters)

*Live Release Rate:

Dogs = 97.3%

Cats = 93.6%

Total LRR = 95.5%

*Live Release Rate formula is percent of Live Outcomes to Total Outcomes. Nationally recognized standard is any shelter that saves above 90% of animals is indicative that the shelter is doing all they can to save all healthy and treatable animals in their care.

Other Highlights:

Dogs: of 386 dogs taken into shelter (Coupeville or Oak Harbor)

  • 174 (45%) were brought in by animal control.
  • 154 (40%) were brought in by the public.
  • 16 (4.1%) were taken in protective custody (separate from animal control strays).
  • 36 (9.3%) were surrendered by owner (Oak Harbor does not allow surrenders).
  • 6 (1.6%) were returned adoptions.

Of 361 Dog Live Outcomes:

  • 94 dogs (25.7%) were adopted.
  • 267 dogs (73%) were returned to owner (compare to 25% national rate for return to owner).

Cats: of 351 cats taken into shelter (Coupeville and Oak Harbor)

  • 45 (12.8%) were brought in by animal control.
  • 194 (55.3%) were brought in by the public.
  • 1 (0%) as taken into protective custody.
  • 95 (27.1%) were surrendered by owner.
  • 16 (4.6%) were returned adoptions.

Of the 310 Cat Live Outcomes:

  • 284 (91.3%) were adopted.
  • 25 (8%) were returned to owner. (compare to 2% national rate return to owner)
  • 1 was transferred to another rescue/shelter.


Euthanasia: Dogs = 9 Cats = 22