WAIF 2013 Statistics

Graph2013 saw significant decrease in the number of animals coming into shelter, returning us to the level served in 2000. We know of three possible influences on incoming animals, 1) Closing of the NAS shelter in Oak Harbor with move to a holding facility only on Goldie Rd. 2) Absence of the ACO officer for Island County for a period of time, 3) Continued growth in public understanding of the benefits of spaying or neutering their pets.

2013 Statistics:

  • Total Intake: 903 animals (489 dogs, 414 cats)-compare to 1,069 animals for 2012.
  • Percent of Intake from Animal Control Contracts: 29.5% (266 animals), this is down from 33% for 2012.
  • Returned to Owner:
    • Dogs: 66.3% of strays returned (212 of 320 strays-including dogs brought in by Animal Control). National study by Journal for Veterinary Medicine indicates national return rate in shelters is 22% for stray dogs.
    • Cats: 4.6% of strays returned (14 of 302 strays-including cats brought in by Animal Control). National study by Journal for Veterinary Medicine indicates return rate in shelters is 2% for stray cats.
    • Total Return Rate of 36.8% of total strays (226 of 622 strays-including cats and dogs brought in by Animal Control)
    • Total Return Rate of 29.2% of Total Live Release Outcomes (Adoptions, Returns, Transfers)
  • Adopted: 64.1% of live release outcomes, 497 animals (173 dogs and 324 cats)
  • Transferred: 6.7% of live release outcomes, 52 animals (20 dogs, 32 cats)
  • Total Live Outcomes: 775

Live Release Rates using Asilomar Accords formula*:

  • Dogs: 94.2%
  • Cats: 91%

Overall Live Release Rate for WAIF: 92.6%

Total euthanized: 62
Died in shelter or DOA: 4 (all cats)

*Asilomar Accords formula: Total Live Outcomes (Adoptions, Return to Owner, Transfers) divided by Total Outcomes (Live Outcomes plus Euthanasia). According to many national animal welfare groups, including Nathan Winograd in his book “Redemption”, a Live Release Rate of 90% or better indicates a shelter is trying to save all healthy and unhealthy but treatable animals in its care.

The rest of incoming animals remaining at the shelter at the end of 2013: 62

Other Significant Events:

  • Oak Harbor NAS shelter closes, holding facility on Goldie opens in October 2013.
  • Annex (“The Barn”) completed on new shelter site.
  • At end of 2013, 56% of New Shelter Campaign goal achieved.
  • Groundbreaking for New Shelter slated for September 2014.